Tischer Home Inspection, Inc. is owned by Wally and Roxanne Tischer. Wally has been a licensed contractor since its inception in 1992 and was contracting 20 years prior. Wally has been a new home builder/remodeler for over 40 years.

Son of a school teacher and carpenter contractor. At age 12 he started working with his dad evenings and weekends on his construction projects.

Wally's father passed when he was 17 years old, he completed the projects that his father had started and worked on together.

Wally continued in construction and purchased his first income property duplex flip at age 18. Built his first now home at age 23.

Wally attended Mankato State for two years with a plan of becoming a shop teacher, but his passion for eal estate and hands on constructino won over.

He earned his joyneyman carpenters certificate in residential and commercial construction by age 22.

Over the years he has also earned certificates for tile and flooring installation and cabinet making.

Wally has owned and successfully operated: Concrete Company, Siding & Window Company, Foam Insulation Company, and a Cabinet Shop.

Wally is competent in all trades required to build new construction or remodel in residential and commercial. Together he and his wife Roxanne have built more than 500 homes and successfully completed more than 2500 remodels, have built planned unit developments, rehabbed dozens of commercial projects from hotels, family resorts, apartments, student housing, office buildings and restaurants.

Upon invitation from FHA over 35 years ago, Wally started doing home inspections.

You can trust Wally to do a thorough inspection that will help you make the right decision when buying or selling your next yhome or investment property.

Wally works for you, not for the interest of the sale.

Wally is very detailed with lots of photographs for permanent documentation.

Wally's lifetime experience in and around construction and ...

My Mission

To always do the very best in a professional manner, providing the most comprehensive inspection report and services in an easy to understand format at an affordable price. Finding problems, concerns and their best cure.

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Wally Tischer and his dog Gunny

My Life Mission Statement

  • Never lose sight of my faith in God.
  • Never stop learning and share what I know.
  • Try to make a positive difference in everything I do.
  • Help others where I can.
  • Bring humor with my message.

Wally Tischer